Archaeological Richness of Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh was the seat of ex-rulers of Rewa State and its history dates back to 3rd Century A.D.Mythologically, the fort on Bandhavgarh hill is said to have been built by Lord Rame for his brother Laxman ,during the Ramayana period. There are a number of man-made caves(35) in Bandhavgarh with inscriptions and carvings, which date back to 129-168 A.D. Statues of various incarnations of all and attracts every tourist. There statues date back to 10-11 century A.D;

Places to See in Bandhavgarh National Park

1. Sidhababa – The Holy Meadow : The marshy is the abode of Sidhababa
2. Chakradhara – The Sprawling Meadow : Surrounded by the hillocks, this marshy meadow is rich in both flora and fauna.
3. Gopalpur – A Place for Bird Watching : Approach with a slow drive may give you moments of memorable sighting of wild fauna.
4. Shesh Shaiya – Origin of River Charanganga : This statue of lord Vishnu reclining on the seven hooded scrpent is the classic example of the architechtural treasure of the past.
5. Bari Gufa – Ancient Monument of Past : This is the biggest man made cave of the reserve dating back to tenth century.Drinking Water Deer, Bandhavgarh National Park
6. Ketkiha – Pendanus Point : This wet patch of aromatic plant ” Pendanus ” ( Kewra ) in the shadow of lofty jammu and arjun trees is the real treasure of floristic wealth of the Rreserve.
7. Bhitari Bah – Tranquility in Wilderness : Blissful drive along the meadow will induce thrills of jungle and feeling of lingering relaxation.Look for the important medicinal .
8. Three Cave Point – The Archaeological Remains of past : These caves visible from ganesh hillock road are the mute testimony of rich historical past.
9. Rajbahera – The Bandhaini Hillock View : This marshy meadow is the origin of river Dammer.Look for the storks, vultures and herds of chital, samber and wild pigs.View of Bandhaini Hillock is an additional attraction.
10. Climber’s Point – Nature’s Beauty : Woody climbers of butea superba and Bauhinia wahlii amidst the giant sal trees offer spectacular view for the tourist.
11. Sehra – The Fort View : This is the biggest meadow of the Reserve.Look for the breeding pair of saras crane in the month of june.It harbours the insectivorous plant drosera.
12. Mahaman Pond – Place to Quench the Thirst : This water hole surrounded by bamboo clumps is an ideal place to watch variety of hervivores and carnivores.

Bandhavgarh Fort

The oldest fort in India, considered to be more than 2500 years. One-hour trek upto the fort is worth the effort. The charm of this trek lies in discovering these monuments in the jungle, unspoiled and unexplored. Some of the statues lie off the main path and so it is best to take a guide. Apart from the avatars, well worth seeing are three small temples of around the 12th century. These temples are deserted but the fort is still used as a place of worship. Kabir Das, the celebrated 16th century saint, once lived and preached here. The natural ramparts of the fort give breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. Vultures wheel around the precipice which also attracts blue rock thrushes and crag martins.The fort still belongs to the Maharaja of Rewa and permission is required to visit it. However permission is available locally and no trip to Bandhavgarh is complete without making an effort to climb up the fort. Places to See Around the Park

Places to See Around the Park

Village Tala : To view a day in the life of an Indian village, where the pace of life is still measured by the rhythm of the seasons. The humble dwellings, the mud clustered houses, the elders smoking hookahs sitting on a cot, are some of the common scenes which signify that the time stands still in certain areas of the world even today.

Baghel Museum : Located only 100 metres from the resort, it houses certain precious belongings of the Maharaja of Rewa who maintained Bandhavgarh as his Shikargah, or a game preserve, a stuffed white Tiger still stands in the museum amidst certain personal belongings of the Maharaja.

Bhamera Dam : 20kms from the resort, huge water bank in the neighboring Panpatha Sanctuary, good place for water birds.

Gharpuri Dam : 10 kms from the resort, adjoining on the outskirts of Bandhavgarh National Park Good Place for Water birds.

Chenchpur Waterfall : 44 kms from the resort.